We Love Sending



  We love being together on Saturday nights in our Family Room – what a joy to gather in order to know God and one another in a deeper and more meaningful way.  We love family times!  But, we also know that we are called together as a FAMILY in order to be sent out for Kingdom FRUITFULNESS! 


We COME IN to be equipped to GO OUT!  We want our city, nation and the world “out there” to experience the love we share here on the inside.  We believe the Kingdom happens best when the Family is always going out to love people right where they are in the world outside the building. 


In addition, we also see our family as a place where gifted people are lovingly  prepared and encouraged to follow their Kingdom dreams outside the family circle in any way Holy Spirit leads.  It is with great joy [and heartfelt tears] that we release family members to fully discover their God-given destiny.  We would love to listen, and nurture, and help make your Kingdom dream a reality!