We Love Family

Family is the center of what it means to be the church together.

 We love the Cornerstone Family.  No, we are certainly not a perfect family; but, we are growing in health as a spiritual family together.  We believe the world craves real family – a place to belong and call home. 


Join us in our journey toward health as an authentic family – let’s build something meaningful and special with God’s help – TOGETHER!  We are a diverse family who is learning to listen to one another.  We don’t always agree, but, we are learning to always love and learn and grow. 


Cornerstone is not a religious institution.  Neither are we a country club or a civic organization.


We are beloved sons and daughters of a good and loving Father who grow to become leaders who live out our love for our family as spiritual dads and moms.  We live and love together as a family.  


Come experience the difference of being part of our family – there is room for you!