EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT | $20 (thru 11/2)
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The Purpose

Join Bill Vanderbush, Josh and Lacey Sturm, & Brad McKoy for a weekend focused on Kingdom Increase. As we understand God's design for family; we understand Kingdom increase.

  • God's heart for the church is to move as family. This momentum as church as family really is in the heart of the Father. It's how the world will know that we belong to Him.

  • This weekend will be a time that encourages family connection.

  • One the of the ways that the Kingdom increases is through the understanding of God's design for family


EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT | $20 (thru 10/25)

In the midst of cultural chaos, God has an answer.

Some days it seems like the world is spinning out of control.


​While the headlines range from the ridiculous to the heartbreaking, everywhere we turn we see division and fragmentation in today’s culture. This unique moment in history demands hope, love, and radical transformation. We long for real justice and Kingdom solutions that go beyond empty words and make a lasting impact. 


In the midst of all of the shaking, we are receiving an unshakable Kingdom as we follow Jesus, our triumphant King. As we come together as a united, loving family, we will provide answers that the world is searching for. Join us for Everyday Epic as we come together to worship, pray, and to be equipped to engage this significant cultural moment that we face today with love, truth, and heaven’s solutions.


of the increase

of His government

and peace there will be no end...

Join Bill Vanderbush, Josh and Lacey Sturm, & Brad McKoy and the Cornerstone family for a weekend of equipping, activation and Kingdom Increase. Stretch your faith as you encounter the truth of the words of Jesus that the Kingdom of heaven is within you. 


  • More than a conference, this weekend is a family gathering that will encourage you to develop genuine, healthy relationships with others.

  • Discover God's heart for the church to move as family with a sincere and pure love that the world can recognize.


  • Be encouraged in your walk as we engage the difficult conversations facing our culture today through the lens of the Kingdom of God.

  • In the midst of division, learn how to seek heavens perspective so your life can release a clear sound in the midst of noise. 


  • Grow in confidence that you are part of heavens best plan to see the Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven as you are equipped to live sent.

  • Walk with increased expectancy as you are activated and receive impartation to expect to live the impossible.


EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT | $20 (thru 11/2)

Everyday Epic will be held at 

St. Pete Vineyard 5000 10th St N Saint Petersburg, FL 33703