Following Jesus

Our passion is to FOLLOW JESUS [the King of the Kingdom] – we want to answer the call to make His Kingdom OUR PRIMARY CONCERN as in Luke 12.31.  Jesus calls us out of the building into the world.  Our vision is to see the Kingdom spread throughout every dimension of our culture.  We see ourselves as a launching pad for world-changers.

Welcoming the Embrace of Love

Our passion is to offer WELCOMING EMBRACE OF LOVE to every lost one who really wants to come HOME just like the Prodigal Father in Luke 15.  We look at what Abba does, and we try to do the same stuff.  People need a place to belong – we have been embraced by Abba and we would love to share that embrace with others.

Stopping for the One

Our passion is to STOP FOR THE ONE and LOVE THE ONE IN FRONT OF US just like the Good Samaritan in Luke 10.  Showing the love of God to those in need is part of our family DNA.  It’s what we do because we believe it’s what Jesus does.